Think You Know Who They Are?

Think You Know Who They Are?

You might want to take another look…

Homelessness does not discriminates. If you can help, please do. If you think you’re safe, check again and make sure.



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Thanks for Reading

Grr Arg

I have reached my one year anniversary as a blogger and it’s been a really great year.  I’ve moved out-of-state to my new home at Creekside manner and I’ve loved the friends I’ve made both in person and online.

For those of you who haven’t been following me long, my health issues have been getting worse and so I’m having to pick and choose what and where I spend my energy.  This blog posts to…

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All Natural Wasp Remover

All Natural Wasp Remover

As most of you who follow me know, I have COPD which is why I’m so passionate about non-chemical ways to do things. Fumes are not my friend.  My sister was a severe asthmatic from birth so we’ve always been mindful about toxins and fumes.

Then today in my email I found a link for a DIY Wasp Remover and I followed it to a YouTube video and I’ve got to say… GENIOUS!

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The Lost Art of Courtship & Conversation - Part 1

The Lost Art of Courtship & Conversation – Part 1

Courting tends to be a thing of the past in the country. 701880_27364471 

Attraction tends to outweigh the need for compatibility, which later can make a relationship harder to maintain.  Even in my own relationship history, there has only one person that I connected with as a friend before the relationship changed into something more.

For those who haven’t been following me all that long, I have separated…

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No-Nonsense Guide To Street Harassment

No-Nonsense Guide To Street Harassment

I found these amazing infographic the other day while wandering on the web. They are an incredible source of information, please share!

Also a tremendous thanks to the original authors/illustrators, Arlene and Annie Barrow, for their research and all their hard work to create this piece.  Information and awareness keeps people safe and empowered.  Thank  you!












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10 Awesome Uses for Dental Floss

10 Awesome Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is so handy to have around the house, you’ll want some in your kitchen and first aid kit too!



#10 – Slicing soft cheese or dough

images (1)  images (2)

#9 – Slicing a cake – much better than a knife that gets covered in icing and crumbs


#8 – “Lock” your luggage before heading to the airport.  No keys to misplace, easy to remove and you’ll know if anyone’s messed with it. download

Image from my women…

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PTSD Awareness

June is PTSD Awareness Month, and it’s more common than you might realize. PTSD-after-Open-Heart-SurgeryWhat is PTSD?

It’s estimated that approximately 20% of combat vets suffer from PTSD and only half will seek treatment.  But they’re not alone. Originally noted by terms of “shell shock” and “battle fatigue”, we’ve come to realize that it’s not just soldiers who suffer from this. Anyone who has been subject to a severe…

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Season to Taste

The best part about making your own seasoning blends is that you can truly season them to taste.

2014-05-27 20.05.55

Here’s one of my favorites!

Adobo seasoning:

  • 1 part garlic powder
  • 1 part onion powder
  • 1 part lemon pepper
  • 1 part dried parsley flakes
  • 1 part dried oregano
  • 1/3 part ground cumin
  • 1/2 part finely ground sea salt

Want it saltier?  Add more.  Want less cumin, cut back.  Want it spicy? Add some chili…

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250 posts!

250 posts!

No More Invisible People

No More Invisible People

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I’m very passionate about homelessness.

Several of my previous blog posts have touched on the subject, but Insights into the Dark  and Water, Water Everywheregot in-depth on this issue.  Having spent time on the streets and in a shelter for a thankfully only a brief time, was enough to permanently open my eyes and my heart to a situation…

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Perspective is Everything


Today my truck blew a tire while Bestie (my friend and roommate) was driving it.  It was a front tire, which on these sprawling country back roads could have been a recipe for disaster.  She didn’t lose control and was not hurt.

When she called her boss to say she would be late, he came to change the tire for her only to find out that my spare was damaged. While she was waiting a gentleman…

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Expensive Coffee Can Be Frugal

Expensive Coffee Can Be Frugal

So Bestie and I were having a conversation about coffee this morning.  Her and Handy Husband are avid coffee drinkers, either making a pot or individual K-cups.  I used to be a heavy coffee drinker but I got away from it, I just have some when the mood strikes.


Handy Husband bought this beautiful coffee maker, that allows us to brew by the pot, by the cup with grounds or using K-cups.  It’s…

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Helping Others Through Understanding

Helping Others Through Understanding

Many people suffer from social anxiety and/or depression, some more severe than others. If you know someone who does, please talk to them.

I was reading the blog post linked below and felt I really needed to pass the message on.

Reading this woman’s blog really cut…

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Net Neutrality - Explained!

Net Neutrality – Explained!

I’ve always taken issue with the fact that neighborhood by neighborhood you only have access to one cable provider.

Dish and DirecTV gave a little competition, but when it comes to apartment living you still have to ask for permission and the cable company may still have the lock on your area. When this happens you have absolutely no bargaining power as a consumer to negotiate prices nor will…

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